Saturday, June 27, 2009

random june happenings

June is nearing an end. Here are a few highlights:

Alan at the Cedar Hill

Matchy Matchy Alan squared

Audrey and Wyatt

Mom "teaching" a class at the Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival

We saw a beautiful double rainbow on our way home from Panguitch. I stopped at the reservoir and took a picture.

Another trip to the Cedar Hill where we got rained out!

I met up with my "roomies" from USU. We went to brunch, caught up, laughed a lot, and took SWEET self-portraits!

Princess Ama and me being bored in Wal Mart. We sat on Holly's chairs in the Junior's department and waited for her. We got some strange looks...

Girls Camp! We took the Youth Leaders up the night before and had a blast with them! Katrina Wheeler came and spoke to them and did an excellent job.

My friend, Justin, came up as a special guest speaker on Wednesday night. They loved it! He did a great job.

A highlight of camp was our super cool Moroni ballet water battle.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

summer fun

Summer Fun always includes stalking celebrities...doesn't it?
Actually, stalking is good clean fun for any season of the year, especially when it's done with the Bailey girls. Just so you don't think that stalking is my only form of entertainment, I have included pictures of other activities that I attended this weekend (even though I'm not in any of them because I'm the one that took them...hmm.)

Friday was spent shopping for fabric...imagine...and setting up sweet business deals with a fabric company. Sarah was my partner in crime, but to show our righteous side, we stopped by the Draper temple and snapped a couple of pictures. (Sarah took one of me, too, but come to find out she didn't press the shutter for long enough.)

Sarah at the Draper Temple

We got done with the temple visit just in time to meet Holly, Chavonne, Cori and gang at Applebee's for dinner. (The rabbit ears are courtesy of Hailee)

Cori, Hailee and Sarah. Serves Hailee right that I got her blinking for doing rabbit ears in my picture.

Chev, Holly and Bruce

I got THE best pictures of Audrey that night...

Then we headed to the Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband concert at the Sandy amphitheatre. Their opening show was Cary Judd who is a friend of Holly's friend...thus the big head picture. (Cary's the one on the stage...can you see him??)

Like I said...the best pictures of Audrey.

Waiting for the show to start.

Chavonne and I played Egyptian somethingorother while we were waiting. I think I got beat.

After the show, the gals talked me into waiting in line to meet the band. Here's where the stalking turned pretty serious. We met all of them and they were so sweet to sign the little girls' programs and talk with them. I had a plan this time (refer to one of my previous posts about meeting Ryan and Craig unexpectedly at Maverik) and I even carried it out, but it just didn't go as I pictured it in my mind. I said "You biggest fan." to him and he just looked at me kinda strange and said, "Yes...I am." He didn't even chuckle. Doesn't he quote "That Thing You Do" religiously like me? Hmm, I may have to rethink this crush...

Holly's got her Betty Boop going on and Chavonne's getting some serious action with the rest of the band. Cori, unfortunately, was cut out of the picture...

Here's just a sampling of the band and us screaming for Craig Miner...

After a sleepover with Sarah at Shannon's house, we pulled our eyelids open and headed to the Cox family reunion. I was late, but I wasn't really late, because you're not really late unless you show up after the food, right? Well, there was apparently a bad accident that had everybody stopped in traffic, which worked out great for me, because they were later than me. Ma ha.

I had a better picture of Jon, but decided to post this one instead...Abby looks on beautifully...

Jesse & McKay...darlings.

Wyatt kept coming over and drinking my Dr. Pepper and leaving little floaties in my drink, so I finally gave it to him and this was my thanks...

Here's a classic. I took this from the driver's seat at a stoplight on my way back to Shannon's. I turned the camera around and looked in the rear view mirror to aim. Holly is behind me with her crew and Shannon is right next to her in the red van...I know, I'm awesome!

And that concludes my weekend stalking session.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

hills, horses and 'dogs

The Bailey family need not spend a lot of money to have a good time. We went to the Cedar Hill last night for FHE. I just can't ever get sick of riding out there and enjoying family, friends and nature.

Papa has everything ready to go. Notice all of the cars at the park. Holly's family wasn't able to come because of ball games.

We picked up a few stray kids on the side of the road. Hailei Bailey (Robert's daughter) hadn't ever been on a horse before.

Wyatt didn't want to get off.

We didn't all fit on the wagon, so a few of us rode out. I got to ride Dewey's gelding, Waylon.
Ross rode the colt, Sunday, Chev rode Probert's Roan and Dewey rode his mare.

Misty and Chev enjoying their dinner.

Typical Wyatt look.

You think we should actually build a fire pit one day?
Chavonne's parents with Misty.

Papa roasting a 'dog!
We enjoyed some cowboy poetry from Ross and Papa. I only got the end of this one. Notice the siamese twins in the background trying to jump off of the wagon.

Hitchin' up and getting ready to head back to town.