Sunday, September 14, 2008

whoops, i did it again

Was this really my idea? It's SO short! But I'm the one who insisted on 10 inches so that I could donate it. Well, hopefully someone will enjoy my long hair, 'cause I'm sure not going to anymore. It will grow back right?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

um, maybe i should throw these pants away

I bought a few new clothes for my Nauvoo trip - one being a new pair of capris. They're awfully cute. But, when my phone was "baptized" because it fell out of the pocket of said capris, I wondered if the cuteness was really worth it. See, there isn't much of a lip on the pocket, not enough to hold the phone in. Needless to say, I had to hook up my old phone.

Last week, I couldn't find my phone when I got up in the morning.

"Where could it be. I've looked everywhere! The last time I remembered having it was when we were taking pictures of the.....uh oh, I was wearing those same pants." I found the phone on Bishop's lawn (whew!).

"Hmm, it looks like it has water spots on it. I wonder why, it didn't rain. Oh.....sprinkling system. Great."

I got a new phone - well an old phone that's new to me. It's super. And I think when I wear those pants I'll put my phone in my bra.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

grandma's trip to nauvoo - that she missed...

My Grandma has always wanted to go to Nauvoo. When she had some friends that were planning a trip there, she wanted in on the fun. But...she didn't want to go it alone. So, I was nominated, much to my pleasure, because it's easy for me to get off of work (I just ask myself for the day off and grant myself). A few weeks before the long-awaited trip, my Grandma wasn't feeling well. She decided to wait to see if she'd get better, but she didn't. She decided not to go, but her trip was already paid she suggested that I take a friend with me. Now, you must remember that #1 I have a lot of friends #2 But, most of them are married with families and #3 I'm terrible at keeping in contact with them. So, since I had to act quickly, I asked one of the Laurels from my Young Women class to accompany me. She was thrilled because her Grandma is on a mission there.

May I just say that we had a fantastic time. It was a planned tour with tour hosts and everything. We were by far the youngest "trouble makers" (that was our dubbed nicknames from the other tour-goers which we took very seriously in fulfilling) on the tour. The only other two tour members under the ages of 50 had parental supervision. Thus the "trouble maker" status.

I was faithful in taking notes at every site that we visited. Now, I have to try to make sense of them all.

We flew into Kansas City on July 29 and visited Independence and Liberty that day. On Wednesday we went to Far West and Adam-ondi-Ahman. It was amazing! Then we drove across the state of Missouri and I got my first glimpse of the Mississippi River. We stayed in Nauvoo for the rest of the trip. We visited Carthage on Friday and came home on Saturday flying from St. Louis. I wish I would've had more time at some of the sites. It truly was an experience I'll never forget.