Thursday, September 9, 2010

crazy? I was crazy once.

Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a room. It had one dot on the wall. I counted it every day. One. One. One. I died in that room. They buried me. The grass tickled my nose. It drove me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once...

I have faced the inevitable. I am crazy. I know, I know, you all figured that out a long time ago. I have suspected it for some time now, but have finally decided that it must be true.

I like lists, so here are some of the reasons that I am crazy.

1. I live in my parents' basement. Yep. I'm one of those. It's not great. I do have my own room. But, I'd like to not live in my parents' basement. I am crazy.
2. So, I took measures to change the situation. I bought a piece of land. I'm saving my money. Things are going well, right? (Actually, this isn't a reason that I'm just helps me to explain the next reason.)
3. I inherited a cabin and moved said cabin to previously mentioned property. Now, instead of saving money for a house, I'm putting money into my "free project". I am crazy.

But, oh, it's gonna be cool. And really, how many times have you ever seen a house going down the road behind Dean Peckham's truck? Furthermore, what else does the entire town (okay, I am exaggerating somewhat, but we had a pretty good crew of volunteers) have to do on a Saturday afternoon than to help the crazy lady move a house?

Here's how it started when they lifted it up

Eddie Hanson showed off his super-human backing up skills to back the trailer under the cabin.

The door jamb fell out, but otherwise, it stayed together pretty good. They tied it all up and took it to it's new home.

And here it sits. You can see the cement slab where it will go. Because we lost a couple of bottom logs that were rotten, we're going to lay cinder block to set it up on. Should be fun. I may even update you on the progress. But maybe not. I am crazy you know.