Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 3

Day 3 - January 2, 2009 (Don't anyone faint now because I didn't wait a month to post this...I've vowed to get this done so I can post more recent adventures.)

Fortunately (for you readers), day 3 wasn't as eventful as other days.
I did wake up early to drive Marlene to New Haven to catch the train, but the rest of the day was slower. I was tempted to go and pick me up some cute, smart Yale guys, but then realized they were on break from school...darn.
I picked up my rental car on day 3, which was ironic since I really could have used it the two previous days, but it sat in Matt and Heather's driveway pretty much all day the day I picked it up.

The majority of the day was spent just riding around Wethersfield and Hartford just enjoying the New Englandness of everything. Old Wethersfield was really pretty - the houses were just how I pictured New England.
We also got to see a lot of sites in downtown Hartford including a big umbrella outside of one of the big insurance company's buildings. Which brings up the question: "How protected do you feel when you're underneath a big red umbrella?" Wes's face tells all.
I don't even remember which building this was...some museum maybe? I took a picture so that I'd remember to look up Anna Tuels when I got home because they brought up the question: "Who is Anna Tuels?" Who knows? Not me. Still.
We parked at the State Capitol building and walked down to the free shuttle bus from which we saw many great sites.
Wes wore my Berneita Johnson touque. It was a little big, which brings up the question: "If a hat is too big for your head, does it still keep it just as warm?" If you're riding on a free shuttle bus in downtown Hartford, the answer is yes.
Heather packed Sophia around in front of her and my task was to push Wes in the stroller. We asked Kate if she wanted to ride, but she would have none of it.
We saw the State Capitol, Samuel Colt and Katherine Hepburn's graves and visited Matty at Trinity College.
Kate managed to get a phone line stuck in her hair in Matt's office. There are a lot of questions that could be brought up at this point. The one I will pose is: "Does everyone stop to take pictures of their kids' mischievous acts before getting the kid out of the predicament or punishing the child?" I hope so.