Monday, November 17, 2008

it was the worst of times, it was the best of times...

I know. You're thinking that I'm incorrectly quoting Dickens. It's true. BUT, I'm quoting it incorrectly because of how Friday played out.

True story: I woke up at a pretty good hour. When I wake up too early, I sometimes roll over and go back to sleep. Friday was not one of those days. I woke up when my body was rested. The problem was, I didn't have any desire to get out of bed. Why? At the time, I didn't know...what...lie...ahead.

10:00 a.m. Holly, Tammy, Karla and Bonnie had singing practice. No problem. I had Holly drive me down since my car needs repair and we sang to our hearts' content. The day was going...well. Other than the fact that it's supposed to be a "singing" group and I don't end up singing very often.

12:00 p.m. Holly brought me home from singing practice. I got inside my car to bring in my gear from the night before. Holly asked me if I wanted my guitar at my house or if she should take it with her. I said she could leave it here if she wanted. I headed inside the house. My dad asked, "Where's the wild bunch going?" So, I turned to check if Holly and crew were coming inside. I looked through the window just in time to see Holly backing out and my guitar falling down by the side of the car. I think I gasped. I know I must've had a terrible look on my face as I watched her back right over my guitar.

Bonnie: "She just ran over my guitar!" she said as she fled from the house.
Mom: "She just ran over your car?"

Maybe I should learn to talk without mumbling....ya think?
Well, needless to was a very sad day for Bonnie.

You can see the tire marks if you look really closely

It looked like it didn't get hurt, but upon further inspection...well, it's smashed pretty good.

Almost exactly 12 hours later, though, Bonnie's spirits had lifted enormously. Our volleyball team, The Chevelles, took first place in the Juab Rec Volleyball Tournament. We were awarded with hoodies and praise. Well, not so much praise, but at least I had a jacket to keep me warm on the way home, eh?

The Chevelles:
Jenny Bailey, Emily Lovell, Chavonne Bailey, Bonnie Bailey, Lauren Nielson, Nikki Grider
Felicia Thomson, Holly Oldroyd

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's not a good idea for me to live in Texas

More adventures with Holly:

We attended International Quilt Market in Houston last week. We took off on Wednesday night after volleyball, flew out Thursday morning and came home Tuesday morning...WAY too early.

After arrival, we set up our cute little booth in the huge conference center. On Friday, we didn't really have any plans.

Holly: "So, what is there to do in Houston? Is it famous for anything?"

Bonnie: "Well, know something, that actually makes sense now why there was an astronaut cow at the airport."

Holly: "Oh, we are so smart that we are just connecting those two things."

We actually did end up driving by NASA, but it was at night and we weren't exactly sure what we were supposed to see.

We basically were just being dragged around by our chauffeur, Konda, who always eventually got us where we needed to go and didn't even get us killed. But oh, the poor car. So many curbs. Who knew you could buy touch up paint at the car dealership?

We also visited the Museum of Natural Science. It was great! I guess. I forgot to get pictures, so you'll just have to imagine it.

My missionary buddy, Patricia Pizano, picked me up on Sunday and we attended some random Spanish ward's sacrament meeting. They had their Primary program and it was AWESOME!

When I was leaving the chapel, I saw a pair of sister missionaries. "That girl could be Steve and Dorothy Johnson's daughter." I checked her tag "Hermana Johnson".
"Excuse me, are you from Manti?"
"Wait are you Bonnie?"
Of course, I couldn't remember her first is Karen I found out. She's my second cousin. Crazy stuff - the world is so small.

Other adventures: We experienced Texas BBQ for the first time (notice the Idaho potatoes in the background)
and drove by the Houston temple. It was Monday night so the gates were shut. It took the picture through the bars of the gate...

Most of our time, however was spent sitting in a booth, like a veal. Oh, and breaking out into song whenever the name of a Texas city was mentioned.

"Houston, Houston means that I'm one day closer to you..."
"Galveston, oh Galveston..."
"By the way, if this is Austin, I still love you."
"Amarillo by morning, up from San Antone."

Yeah, well you get the picture. I can't ever live there. My life is too much like a musical as it is.