Friday, December 9, 2011

Triathlon...that's right. I'm still going *sigh*

Ok. So I haven't done as well on this as I hoped. True to form, I started off with a bang and then wasn't so gung-ho after a while.
But...I'm going to try to justify it a little. The 2nd week of November I got devastating news that left me in a stupor for a while. Then it got cold. Then I got sick. So...I'm no longer brave enough to exercise outside (because of the sick). So....the last week of November I joined a gym. Never thought it would happen. Never.
It's ok, though. I started a Zumba class. That's interesting. Here's my progress on my triathlon. No...I still haven't done the swimming. *sigh*

Nov 5 - 3 mile run (when I say "run", I usually mean a walk/run)
Nov 8 - 1.5 mile run (this is the day of the devastating news...and then the cold...and then the sickness)
Nov 28 - 2 mile run (Joined the gym)
Dec 1 - 2 mile run, 15 mile bike
Dec 2 - 2 mile run, 15 mile bike
Dec 5 - 2 mile run
Dec 8 - 2 mile run, 7 mile bike

Still left:
Bike - 37.5 miles
Swim - 2.4 miles

I guess I can be proud of myself for not quitting...even though I really wanted to. I figure I can finish the biking by next week and then I'll have to see if Holly will teach me swimming :0)