Thursday, October 28, 2010

kind kleaning kings

Kaye and Kenzie King kame over again today to help me klean up the cabin. Kenzie brought his pressure washer and with a little power and water from my kind neighbor, Bill, we demolished and kleaned to our hearts' kontent.
Kaye and I demolished an existing wall and a couple of random boards on the inside. The inside is now just one big room. We all got turns using the pressure washer. Kenzie and I even klimbed up into the loft and swept out all of the hay and dirt up there.

Kenzie is spraying the inside

Here's a better picture of what the sides look like now, with no foundation.
The door is one that has been stored in the brooder and used to be our kitchen door on our house. I'm hoping that we kan use it for two reasons.
1. There aren't any windows in the place and it will be nice to have that big window in the door.
2. It's free.

I finally kaught a picture of Kenzie at work. I need to get one of Kaye, so you kan see who has been aiding me in my krazy project.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monster Rap

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cabin Update

I went to Indiana and Ohio at the last of September for a few days for work. When I came home, there were two walls of my foundation built!

Then last weekend, I went with the girls to St. George / Zions / Bryce Canyon and while I was gone, my cabin got set on said foundation.

Here's a pic that Holly took and sent to me. She took over my supervisor duties.

Then my mom sent me this one

Today, my friends from the temple, the Kings, came to help me replace the back bottom log.
Ross helped for a little while too. I wasn't smart enough to get pictures of the work in progress. Doesn't it look nice?

You can't tell from this picture, the the side foundation walls aren't put in place yet, but Sid's going to come and do that while the weather is still good.

Kenzie had to use two different logs (from the side and from under the old floor) because we didn't have one long enough. You can see here how they fit together. He's going to come back and put some liquid nails or something like that to bind them together. It seems like he knows what he's doing. Good thing, because I sure don't! But hey, having fun!